Stark Velo Cross

Matt Turi and Stark Velo did a great job on hosting their first CX race that was held at the Stark Co. Campus of Kent State University. The course was a mix of power sections with a long climb and technical off camber twists and turns. It was a great course that suited the strong road racer. The weather wasn't so great though. The B race had to be shortened to only 3 laps due to hard rain, thunder and lightning. There were 49 B racers that lined up and in the end when the race was called off, Scott was in 17th. place and gaining positions in his first ever CX race, way to go Scott you were looking strong on a hard course and, it can only get better from here.

The A race started out fast, as it always does. For the first couple of laps I was feeling ok, but not as good as last weekend. I was mid pack and trying to keep my position when I hit an off camber twist in the bowl section and went down and lost a couple spots. I hit the hill and hammered it and was anerobic by the time I came to the top, I came through the off camber sections and again drilled it trying to regain my lost spots. I hit the first set of barriers and the lactic acid set in on the slight uphill along the road. I continued to "ride" the rest of the race never really feeling like I was actually racing. I have no-one to blame or am I trying to make excuses for my performance in this race, it is purely my own fault for overtraining during the week, it has always been my downfall. I love to ride my bike and train during the week, but when the racing is this hard on the weekends you can't overdo it just in training during the week, I know that but I still continue to do it. Granted, I know I'm not 35 years old anymore and I do not have the speed and strength that some of the riders my age or older have, but I have a training plan that I should be following and I dont do it. That will be my last week that I dont follow my cx plan to a "T". If I continue to have poor performances after that, then I may have to think about switching classes or possibly building a shuffleboard court for my backyard.

Nuff said!


Dad S said...

Hey - Lighten up. You don't have anything to be ashamed of. Even Lance has had his share of races when he wasn't up to snuff - and he wasn't working at a J-O-B for a living and trying to keep up with a normal life like you guys do!

Follow the plan and you'll be getting the good numbers like usual.

(Shuffle board......Barf, barf!)

Bill said...

Thanks Dad, I appreciate it!
Maybe beer pong instead of shuffleboard?

Dad S said...

I can do that!