M.D.C Day 2

Day 2 of the Michigan Double Cross in my opinion was harder and faster than Day 1 and the racing was much more exciting. I would have to say that top honors for exciting racing action had to go to Robert who raced the straight up B's. For being only 14 years old he showed most of the field how to really race. He narrowly missed getting the hole shot, he was actually 4th off the pavement and into the grass in a huge field. He hung onto his position for about 1/2 of the race when he slipped into a serious race for rounding out a top 10 spot which was for 9th and 10th respectively. For probably the last 3 laps he and another adult rider were battling it out furiously when Robert would gap him over the barriers and attack only to have the other guy catch back up on the flat or in a twist section. On the last lap with only less than 1/4 of a lap to go afer Robert did most of the work on the lap, Robert gapped the other rider over the last set of barriers, clipped back in quickly, charged hard to get out of the twists and turns before the LONG 250 meter road section to the finish, gave a quick look back and opened up a massive sprint for the line. The other rider opened up his sprint too and what looked like a sprint win for 9th for Robert was ever so slightly taken away by the other rider. The two came across the line in a photo finish which had the officials unsure as to who actually did win it, they had to refer to the timing chips to be official.
It was a very impressive race for Robert, probably his best ever so far in his young career with many more to come. It is so awesome to see the young guys coming up in this sport and how fast they progress. I was telling Rudy this weekend that who needs a training plan anymore, we'll just ride behind these young guys and we'll get the best training there is :-)

The other races included Rudy winning the 45+ Masters race. Yes it was indeed a fine day for the Sroka's. Not only did he win the 45+ he also won the 35+ as well. Our race started :30 after the 35+ and it wasn't long that we caught and mingled with the 35+ guys, that's saying something for us old guys (I'm keeping it that way too)
Rudy worked his way up to the front and it stayed that way for the rest of the race. I think he made the race faster too because our times were faster than the day before and I do know that the racing was harder on Sunday that it was on Saturday. I managed to finish 6th in the 45+ and Nate was 6th. in the 35+

Julie again was 4th overall in the Elite Women's race and looked and raced very strong both days despite taking a hard hit to her upper lip with her handlebars while climbing the Orange Crush. Man those steps were steep!

Matt and Tony raced in the Elite Mens 1,2 race with Matt finishing 5th and Tony 13th.
These guys in this group really fly and Matt is on superman form right now, wow he's flying. Very impressive Matt, keep up the good work!
Tony came into this 2 day event with the idea he would try to race hard enough and not get lapped. Well he didn't even come close to getting lapped and was even in the front to middle for most of each race. It was good experience for him and good hard racing each day, I was very impressed by his speed and barrier skills too, wow is he smooth! You're only gonna get faster Tony, keep up the good work!

It was a great weekend with great racing both days on a hard, technical, very dry course. The local bike club that designed and set up the course (Flying Rhino Bicycle Club) did an excellent job and Congratulations to all of my teammates.


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

So awesome. Lynn was the bestest in cheering all of us on. It was a great weekend with 8 Lake Effect racers storming into Waterford, showing the locals how its done, taking the money and the door prizes!!!

Dad S said...

Great racing! I get excited just reading about you folks.