Trail running and a cross workout

Last night Scott, Tony and I hit the outdoor YMCA up for a nice 40 minute easy trail run. I love trail running and would much rather run on the dirt and trails any day than run on the road, it is by far more interesting and you don't have to deal with irate drivers either. After cross season is over we plan on hitting the trails pretty regularly throughout the winter. Tonight we did a cross workout at the Y too. The grounds there were in pretty decent shape after all of the rain we have been getting. We did get muddy, but not that bad at all. My legs were a little fatigued though tonight from the previous night's trail run. Taking it easy for the rest of the week until Sunday's race. Hopefully we won't get too much more rain before then.

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Kevin said...

So far the weather is a replay of last year. Leading up to the race we had steady light rain, then it was dry and cool for a couple days. I hope the forecast for the weekend is wrong!