Michigan Double Cross

We drove up to Waterford Michigan yesterday to do the Tailwind Michigan Double Cross race Saturday and Sunday. Tony and I recon'd the course Friday night by riding 2 laps including the Orange Crush flyover, which we practiced a few times more to kinda get the hang of it, this thing is steep! The course is very technical with some good road sections that are on a sports car course similar to Mid Ohio, there are 2 sets of barriers, a dirt/sand runup and the ever looming flyover with quite a few zigs and zags thrown in to utilize all of the real estate that was to be worked with.

Tony raced in the Elite/1,2 race and finished 12th. He was with a group of 3 throughout most of the race and was riding very strong, he looked vey good in a very fast race.

I finished 5th in the Masters 45+ race which started out super fast. I was in a battle the whole race with 2 others as well which made this race fun. They started the 35+ group 30 seconds before our race and we ended up catching at least 1/2 of them. This was a chip timed race so there was no confusion to who was who.

Julie finished 4th in the Elite women, Robert was 1st in the Junior 15-18, Rudy finished but had a flat while in 3rd in the Master 45+, he was racing strong, too bad Rudy, Matt was 4th in the Elite 1,2 and Nate L. finished 9th. in the Masters 35+. Overall a good day for the team and were all looking forward to racing again tomorrow.

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