had the largest turnout ever last night and we had 4 teammates there as well. Gwen and Chris TT'd last night as well as Matt and myself. Matt almost set a new course record too, nice job Matt and nice job to Gwen and Chris, they both Mercx'd it and went FAST! The conditions were nice for some fast times. I managed to keep a good speed up both hills (best ever) on the way out and finished strong but might have been a wee bit conservative at the beginning. Had I gave it a little more at the beginning and still finished strong I would have averaged over 26 mph. I finished with a 25.86 mph. avg., but if I would have gave it more on the flat on the way out would I have hit the hills as hard? I have always rode on the way out pretty much flat out and tried to blast up the hills only to loose power, now I switched it up and still came in with basically the same time and speed as always, it's a little frustrating to say the least. Always a work in progress I guess, no matter what age you are.

Packet pickup in the morning, then an easy swim and quick run.

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