was a duathlon today due to the storm that was going on about an hour before race time. The lake was like a washing machine again for the 2nd. year in a row so Mickey had to make the decision to change the triathlon to a duathlon. There was an Olympic distance duathlon today scheduled as well as an Olympic distance triathlon, so the duathletes didn't have a problem because that's what they train for, the triathletes, well that was another story. The course was a 5k, 40k, 5k, instead of a 1500 meter swim, 40k bike and 10k run for the triathletes. Oh yea, they lumped all the duathletes and triathletes together in the same race categories too.
Anyway the first run was fast, I ran a 19:20 something, (6:15's), the bike was WINDY and hilly and WINDY and wet and WINDY, and did I mention WINDY? Bike times were still pretty decent though for as windy as it was, it was pretty nice coming down Rt.44 back into Headlands, speeds were in the high 20's and low 30's nice tailwind there, averaged over 22 mph, not bad too considering the wind, believe it or not. Back into transition and out onto the run and I was feeling ok, not great but not bad either. I finished the 2nd. run in just over 22 minutes for a total time of 1:51:06, good for 2nd. in my age group, (1st. was a duathlete) and fairly high overall as well.

Tony had a great race and finished 1st in his age group and 6th overall. His first 5k he averaged 5:50 miles and over 23 on the bike. The overall winner qualified this year for the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team!

Scott and Carrie both raced strong and Carrie missed 4th. in her age group by only 20seconds! Scott got a 2 minute bad boy penalty for a double yellow rule he wasn't aware of, we'll get a USAT rule book and you can study up this winter on the rules there bro.

Great day and Mickey did the best thing he could have did under the circumstances, this is a great event and a big thanks goes out to all the support folks and all that were associated with the race.


Dad S said...

Nice goin', makes this old man proud.

Bill said...

thanx dad