CX practice

last night followed by a 45 minute trail run and I was whooped afterward, wow. I came home and ate and laid down on the couch and the next thing I know it was past 9 oclock. Gettin old I guess......
Heading out to Leroy tonight with a new setup to see if I can go faster or just see if my legs are what they are. We'll see if equipment does make much of a difference or I have to chalk up my slowness to "it is what it is" OR "you can buy speed" I can't imagine if I do go any faster that it will be very much anyway, we'll see.

Oficial CX schedule will be up very soon. 9 total races in the Bike Authority / Lake Effect series with 4 being put on by us (Lake Effect) Lots of cross racing this season between us, Orrville, OVCX series and some UCI weekends thrown in as well, so get the Belgian beer ready.

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