Windy TT @ Leroy

last night but still there were quite a few that showed up for the 7.95 mile suffer fest. The wind was out of the Northwest so coming back down the hill and back down the straight to the finish, there was at least a 15 mph. headwind, it really didn't seem that bad though, maybe cause I was seeing stars by the time I hit the last mile. I rode a little differently last night by going out a little more conservatively than I usually do. The tailwind was pushing us all, so conservatively for me meant in the high 20 mph. range, for a few others it probably meant in the 30's. I still kept my hr. at about 165-169 on the way out. On the way back I upped the rpm's and the heart rate into the low 170's, 172-173 and finished surprisingly pretty decent on a windy night. I was satisfied with my effort last night and I know that on a less windy night and with some aero gear (beside bike) I could get into the 17's again.

Thanks for bringing the jerseys too Jim, that was very nice, I still say I got the best one!


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