Twin Sizzler re-cap

The 35+ large expert race started off fast on the way out. Attacks and chases were going off left and right and stayed pretty quick throughout the race. I was feeling very good and felt strong on the only climb and the rollers after the downhill right hander. On the stretch back into town things got pretty heated up and fast. I moved to the front and was taking my pulls and was feeling strong sitting about 4th or 5th wheel as we bunnyhopped the 2nd. set of RR tracks at about 32 mph. Just then I heard a noise in the back of my bike like my rear Zipp broke spokes and was rubbing against my chainstay which caused the rear wheel to start skidding. Guys were flying by me and I was trying to pedal but I knew something was wrong but really couldn't see. At that point I went from 4th or 5th position to basically the back of the group. I knew my race was over so I just pulled over into a business parking lot to assess the damage so as not to not cause further damage and found that my rear brake pad had came loose and twisted to a vertical position and was sitting against my wheel and tire which was causing the rear wheel to skid and me not being able to pedal. The brake pad rubber was all over the back of my bike and the cartridge itself was already ground down to the metal, not a good thing, but again, my Zipp rear was fine, just all scraped up from rubber.

Overall it was a good race and I was happy with my fitnes and the way I felt. Had the mishap not have happened I'm thinking I would have finished in a pretty decent place. Must have been a reason for it though, that's what I keep telling myself, either that or I should probably fire my mechanic, (which is me by the way)

Hope everyone had a great 4th.

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