Nice weekend

Yesterday was the last Greater Cleveland Triathlon training day and it was the youth training day as well. Nearly 30 juniors showed up to practice the course. It was super windy in the morning but the swim portion of the race still went on, even though it was shortened quite a bit and stayed in shallow water there were still some pretty big rollers that were crashing in onshore. Tony and I along with Kevin Park and Theresa Stanek got in the water an acted as traffic cops so the swimmers could follow the buoys and exit the water throught the cones. The kids were having blast and none seemed at all intimidated. As they completed 2 laps of the swim it was on to transition and the bike and run and all the kids did a great job. It's nice to see this many show up for practice since they are the future of this sport. It's great that Mickey shows this much enthusiasm for the kids too to hold a special training day just for them, and it's nice to be a part of helping in some way for them also.

Today Tony and I did a hard fast workout on the Fairport course with an extra long swim and extra long run. Again Tony made me run hard, harder than I would have alone and this is good, especially toward the end of a race, hopefully I can keep this intensity going into this weekends race.

What a finish on the Verbier today in the Tour. There is no doubt Contador is the best climber in the world and the strongest rider for Astana, wow what an attack he put in. Gotta hand it to Lance tho, he is still climbing with the best in the world and at his age to be sitting 2nd. overall in the G.C. and will probably stay there to the end is pretty damned impressive, I don't care what he naysayers think.

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