Nothin doin

tonight. We planned on a swim tonight and it was nice and calm at home but when we got to Fairport there were white caps inside the breakwall, so we just rested tonight with no workout.

Another great ride by Contador today at the Tour but I didn't quite understand the attack that dropped Kloden ??? maybe inexperience or just trying to show that he is the man???, Lance rode a great race too finishing 5th. and looked strong. It would be nice to see him do well in the TT tomorrow and gain some time back before going into the last mountain stage.
This has been a great Tour so far and (I don't want to jinx anything) but no dopers found, hopefully it will stay that way. I wonder what DiLuca's fate will be now?


Jim said...

As I always say, are there no positive tests because no one is using OR because they are using something that no one knows about?
A year ago, we all thought Ricco was
amazing. Come to find out, he was amazingly doped!
I have to say that some of the performances I have seen defy belief.

Kevin said...

I'm more amazed by Lance in this tour than in his wins. His strong riding in the mountains when he was apparently on the ropes was great.

My fingers are crossed for no dopers, too. The comparison between Ricco and certain riders in this Tour came to mind for me. I remember Ricco chatting with Piepioli (sp?) after they had just attacked like they were out for a club ride.

Jim said...

As I sit here watching the TT, I have to wonder. When was the last time a "climber" suddenly turned into a time trialist? Oh, that would have been Marco Pantani and we all know what happened with him.
Two years ago, Contador was spanked by Evans. What changed from then to now??
Contador beats Cancellara?? Please! I would love to believe but, to me, it doesn't add up.
Concerning Lance, he takes three years off and comes back to accelerate like that on a mountain? Either he is magic or there are a LOT of current pro riders who should be embarrassed but their riding.

Bill said...

I can understand your thoughts Jim and it's amazing at best to watch these guys race "drug free"
It's apparent though that Lance isn't able to climb with the "best" amymore, but like Kevin said, he has been riding strong in the mountains, just not like he once did, he's shown that, but like I said to you before, he's putting himself out in the open for the whole world to see, pretty intimately too, way more than any other rider in the world is doing, and to be doping, even if he or his team thinks it's undetectable would be putting his whole life at risk. He has way more to loose than any other bike racer out there just because of who he is and what he has built for himself over the years, I just dont see him doping, call me naive....Now Schleck finishing the TT like he did, I just hope that they don't find anything in him. I'm really enjoying this race though.

Jim said...

I realize that LA has more to lose than anyone else. He also has the best support system out there.
I know I am a cynic but, based on events that make no sense to me, I have to believe in what I think (and physiologists say)is humanly possible.
I truly hope all is clean but some riders, with super-human achievements, always seem to come back and blow that idea away. It happened again this week with DiLuca and if I were Menchov I think I would be very nervous.
The Contador press conference today reminded me of Rassmussen just two years ago.
Time will/may tell.
I would love to be wrong.