Swim & run

this afternoon and a break from the bike. We've been putting alot of mileage in on the bike lately so it was time to concentrate on the swim and run soley. I drove to Fairport and got in the water and swam a quick 500 meter warm up then got into some race pace laps. Felt pretty decent but didn't want to kill myself today since I will be in the water possibly both days this weekend. I rounded out the swim in 30 minutes. Stripped the wetsuit off then ran the 3.3 mile course in 25:15 along with a 1 mile cool down and afterward went and stood in the cool water for about 15 minutes. It's surprising how cool 70 degree water feels when your hot and sweaty from running.
We're going to do the GCT course this weekend as well to get ready for the Fairport tri next weekend.


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