Good days

Tuesday instead of doing Westlake, Tony and I did another 60 miler with hills at above tempo pace. We climbed hard and rode the flats hard as well. Tony's avg. heart rate was 180 bpm. for 2:50, damn kids! We sprinted hard at the end of the ride and came back in and collapsed on the garage floor for about 15 minutes, it was pretty hot Tuesday too.

Yesterday evening, Scott, Tony and I met at Headlands for an open water swim workout followed by a run. The Lake is really starting to warm up now, I think it's in the mid to upper 60's, which is pretty refreshing, especially on a day like today. We did just about 30 minutes non stop in the water, transitioned and ran for about 5 miles, it was a good workout. Our legs were a little heavy for about the first mile following Tuesday's hard training ride, but they loosened up and we did a few fast pace sections during the run.

Cannondale replaced my totally broken up Super Six with a brand new one too by the way. I finished building it yesterday. Thanks to Rudy, Mike, Sherman and Deb for the quick response, it was very much appreciated. I think I will race my CAAD 9 at Westlake though from now on, just for safe keeping!

I think I'm going to venture up to the Leroy TT tonight and see how fast I can go in this heat, if the rain holds off.



Caroline said...

Wow- sounds fantastic! I just love the swimming and have really been thinking about the training. Have you ever used the Topricin pain cream for muscle aches, soreness etc? I tried it and completely love it now- best of all it is natural. Have you tried it yet for any soreness? Thanks!

Bill said...

I have not tried it. Ibuprofen if needed but no pain creams, YET!

Thanks for reading.