Bike, run, bike

The bacteria count was way high in the lake today (Fairport) after the past couple days of rain so swimming was out yesterday at the GCT training day and today so we opted to do a bike run bike instead. It was a great workout today and we pushed it with some good intensity and we both felt strong. We rode the Greater Cleveland Triathlon course for the first bike leg and rode it at just under race pace. Now Tony's race pace and my race pace are just a little bit different....Tony's being harder than mine of course, so when he would take over at the front there were a few times I thought of telling him to slow down, but I thought, this is making me stronger now instead of me pulling Tony along and making him stronger, wow how things come full circle. I told him when we were on the run that he was killing me in a few sections of the bike and he said he was hurting too, but wanted to keep the pace high, so I didn't feel that bad.

We transitioned and did a 7 mile tempo run with few rollers in it. Averaged a 7:10 mile and felt very good. Got back on the bike and rode the Fairport triathlon course since we were at the Fairport Beach. Rode it pretty decent and once again the legs felt good averaging about 22 mph.

It was a great workout today and I'm truly blessed to be able to do it with my son.

Hope all went well for all of my Lake Effect teammates that raced today at the State TT and my BA/FF teammates that did Maumee Bay and Munroe Falls.


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