As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours. We were noticing the other day that the fridge wasn't quite keeping the Sam Adams Summer Ale cold enough when we would reach in the back for one after a hot workout. I turned the dial to the coldest setting and figured it would get colder within a day, no such luck, the popcicles and ice cream were even starting to melt in the freezer, damn, time for a new fridge. Last night Tony, Scott and I were getting ready for a workout when Tony said, why is it so wet here on the floor (in the garage) which just happens to be near the hot water heater. I opened up the cubbyhole door where I have the hot H2O heater located and I saw water all over the floor, okay, new hot water tank now too, great, this is all after we just bought a brand new Hi Def LCD 42" Samsung last week.............Also, Lynn just informed me that her overused washing machine is starting to make funny noises now, hmmmmmmm, I don't like the sounds of that either, more cha ching.

Anyway we made a trip to Home Depot this morning for a new H2O tank and fridge. Came home and the boys and I took the old tank out and installed the new one while Lynn took the food out of the old fridge and transplanted in the new one after it chilled for a while, now we're good to go for another 10 years or so. I might even get a chance to get a ride in later this evening, that is, if my stove doesn't decide to blow up!
I think I'm gonna ride now.


Dad S said...

I can relate. My truck needed a new distributor, then another new distrubutor (the new one went bad), and last Monday, a new starter (after I just got done bragging how it never fails to start) - all exactly one month apart! I guess we're certainly doing our share to get the economy back on track!

Kevin said...

Why does everything in a house break at once? You got me thinking about how old my H20 heater is!