Cold fridge and hot water

Ahhh, life is good once again! Relaxed and got a hard workout in this morning at Mentor Headlands with Scott and Tony. Did the Oly course at tempo, LT, and in places, race pace, it was a hard but necessary workout. We did swim a little longer course than the 1500 meters, which is good and I worked harder on the 10k run than I have in a while following Tony. I pulled to the 5k mark and Tony pulled the 2nd. half. He pushed me to run at race pace for the last 5k and in the last mile he opened it up and I could not keep his pace, but I still ran very hard to the finish, Thanks for making me work hard today T, I needed a good hard run.

Great workout this morning and now we're watching the 2003 Tour tribute to Lance on Versus.

Good day.

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