Rest day

today. Finished trimming the large hedge and now I'm done with the yardwork for a little while, got a lot done that I wanted to get done this weekend so I'm very happy with the way everything looks yardwise, we could use just a little rain though, but not alot, I probably shouldn't say that for fear that I might put the jinx on things..............

Off to the pool and a run tomorrow after work so we won't be making Westlake, there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow too, so we'll play it safe and not make the 50 mile trip out west. The N.E.O. triathlon kickoff race is June 7th. in Canal Fulton and we're registered already, and we can definately use the swim time tomorrow.

Congratulations to all that raced this past weekend in Ohio, Michigan and P.A., sound's like our local teams represented well, nice job everyone!

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