Super Sunday

Wow, what a nice day today for a change. Woke up to sunny skies and warm temps. this morning with the smell of fresh Starbucks brewing in the kitchen, I knew it was going to be a good day. We all went to Heisley later on for a swim workout. My cousin Scott, Tony and I did a 45 minute drill session with some ascending interval sets for a total 2400 meters. It was a better swim workout than I thought it would be after skiing yesterday for the first time in a while, but my shoulders were fine where I thought they would be pretty fatigued.

We finished the swim workout and Lynn and Nick dropped Scott, Tony and I off at Lake Erie College so we could get a longer run in. We ran 8.5 miles home from the college with a few hills thrown in just to keep the hr up, along with Scott pulling us along for about the last mile where my H.R. was a little higher than I would normally have liked it to be. Scott was pacing us along when Tony dropped back to me and said "wow Uncle Scott can run" I said I know, but you'd better get back up there or else he's gonna drop us both! Nice run today Scott, your lookin' strong, keep up the good work.

We got home and showered and I logged on to Universal Sports dot com and watched the Mens and Womens World Cyclocross Championships from Hoogerheide The Netherlands. What a great race Katie Compton had to finish 3rd. She had the lead for most of the race but Vos and Kupfernagel were just too strong together and caught and overtook her with Vos winning, Hanka 2nd. and Katie 3rd.

22 year old Neils Albert from Belgium won the mens race. He, Stybar and Nys were 1,2,3 with only 22 seconds seperating 1st. from 3rd. Jeremy Powers was first American and he came in 35th. at almost 3 minutes back. The winners averaged over 18 mph. on what looked to be a pretty technical course in spots with a pretty good climb.

Now it's the Superbowl where Pittsburgh is leading 10 zip in the 2nd.

Go Pittsburgh!

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