What's to blog about

lately? Not too much I guess. The weather has been so darn snowy and cold, it's hard to get outside to do much beside's shovel snow and plow. We've been hittin' the pool on a regular basis along with doing our bike workout's on the trainer, actually we're gonna get a fast 5k in on the treadmills before our swim class tonight. Tomorrow, hopefully we're going to get outside on the bikes for a training ride just to spin and get the legs turned over for more than just 1 hour. The weekend is looking rideable as of now, so maybe we can strap the fenders on due to the melting snow and get some good hours in on the roads.



DaisyDuc said...

Well hope you get out on the roads this weekend as I know I plan to for sure! I am so excited! It is just too bad that I can guarantee and lengthy bike washing when I am done!

Bill said...

I hope you get out too Janet, it'll be worth the bike bath. We ended up with 1 1/2 hrs. on the bike with a 2 mile transition run this afternoon, all outside....:-)
Hopefully we can all get some good hrs. in this weekend as well.
As soon as the weather is just a little more predictable we are going to start up some team rides.

P.S. Thanks for reading the blog too.