Couldn't deal with the trainer

for another day in a row so we met our long time bud Jon Rentschler at Chapin Forest to XC ski today. Tony Jon and I skie'd for a little over 2 hrs. mostly on the lower loop due to the longer steady climbs to work on our climbing technique. I haven't been on my ski's for a while but I felt pretty good today and my form came back quickly. I saw a few guys that we bike race and triathlon with, one who is going to the Birkebeiner ski race in Wisconsin on February 21st. The Birkie is North America's largest XC ski race that draws thousands for the 50 and 54 k events, along with all the other kids events team races family races and beginners, that would be an awesome race to go to, maybe someday....

Tony took a power test yesterday to get his training zones so I figured I couldn't let him have all the fun, so my cousin Scott and I joined in with him and did it too, just for the workout. Actually my numbers were higher than when I took mine last month, so I might have Shawn re-adjust my zones too. Tony's numbers were slightly higher than mine so now he can do the work on our training rides and I can follow him around and hopefully get stronger. Actually our numbers were very similar so we can work together now in training.

I think tomorrow we will get in a swim and run workout and stay off the trainer for another day.

Go Steelers!

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