Snowin' & Blowin'

this morning with the temp's hovering around 19-20 degrees, wow it was cold, and still is for that matter. Tony and I skipped the group ride from B-vlle and got out on the cross bike and mtb and did the nursery roads and Outdoor Y. The nursery roads were completely frozen and so were the trails @ the Y. We stayed somewhat warm though with about 6 layers on and rode for an hour and forty minutes, got off the bikes and did a quick transition run. It was a great workout on the bike, we worked hard, (mostly to stay warm) and rounded out the run to make it 2 hrs.

Nick, Tony and I went out this afternoon to play catch for while with the baseball because it finally quit snowing and I managed to stay out for about 30 minutes until I called it quit's and did my best 5k race pace back inside. Nick and Tony came back in about 10 minutes later. Nick said he couldn't feel the end of his right middle finger because his hands were so cold, that sound's like the start of frostbite to me, he said it has feeling in it now.

I think the average temperature for this time of the year is supposed to be about 37 or 38 degrees, which is totally tolerable, this single digit's, teen's and twenty's stuff is really getting old already! Warmer weather cannot get here fast enough for me..............

Later all

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lunasphere said...

i hear ya...I have been laying low as well...although the cold this weekend allowed me to stay inside and work on all the painting in the new pad without feeling like I was chompin at the bit to ride...this way I figure I can be the workhorse during the early season races for you guys as I build my form...:-)