2:21 today

with quite a bit of climbing. I think the patchy snow might have scared some away this morning, but the conditions were nice. It snowed lightly for about 10 minutes at the start of the ride and that was it, the roads were dry and it wasn't windy at all, very pleasant conditions, well all except for when Matt decided to attack on Sherman Rd. hill and do his best to try to put us all into oxygen debt.......it wasn't that bad though and the rest of the climbs were fairly tame, nice climbing today you guys.
We tackled the main hills in and out of the Valley on the way to Chagrin Falls and hit a few more on the way back. Everyone climbed strong today and just rode River Rd. pretty easy to recover from the climbing efforts. We did a finishing sprint to round out the ride with Scott looking pretty strong..............!
Saturday we weren't able to make the ride from Brecksville but from the sound's of it, the weather wasn't cooperating down there. Tony and I did a long run but probably could have ridden since there was no snow going on here. It was a good weekend though. Now to stay up on the latest of the Tour of California. Lance was only 5 seconds off of the winning prologue time yesterday. He finished 10th. at only 5 seconds back, not too shabby.
See ya.


Ray Huang said...

We might have seen you guys with more luck. We ran Chagrin River Road from South Chagrin Res all the way to OX lane today, back down Washed out road and north to Old Mill and home.

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like a good day! I had thought about getting out there Sunday but did not make it. Maybe next time!