New 404's

My new 404's arrived at the shop on Wednesday so I went to pick them up on Thursday after work. I got them, left the shop in enough time so I wouldn't hit major rush hour on the way home. Sped home and mounted the tires then put them on the bike. I took it for a quick spin to the end of the street and back just to see how they felt, they felt pretty good by the way, and now she sits in the garage waiting for some racing or at least a nice day with no wet roads. I would like to get out on it with the new wheels before I race them just to get the feel for them. The bike sure does look good sitting in the garage though.


Dad S said...

Serious looking bike.
I can almost hear it panting, anxious to get 'er done.

Bill said...

Thanks, it's fairly light too, 16.7 lbs. I think what you hear panting is me all the way from your house.

Rick said...

Bill, why not tubies?
It's a sweet, sweet looking ride...any Zipps are awesome wheels, CONGRATS!

Bill said...


Thanks buddy.

Clinchers are much easier for me. The clinchers for 09 are much lighter too than in the past.