Conway's Irish Ale

This fine beer is named after a Cleveland Police Officer that directed traffic for 25 years near the now present GLB in then "Irishtown" way back when. This is a very tasty ale with a pretty malty and almost a toasted carmel taste with a pleasant aftertaste, I really like this one alot. It would be a good beverage with corned beef and cabbage, Irish pizza, Irish Lasagna, Irish perogi's..............aw what the heck, you can drink this one with anything or just enjoy it all by itself.

On the training side of things, we've been doing pretty good on the bike, our running is pretty decent and so is the swimming, I guess it's where it should be for this time of the year and the nice conditions have made training outside so far this month pretty enjoyable. Winter wouldn't be so bad if we were able to get outside occasionally like we have been.

Tour of California sure has had some dismal conditions in the early stages. Wow, I couldn't imagine riding in the cold windy rain for 4-5 hours each day, although today was quite a bit nicer. Tyler Hamilton had a good ride only to get reeled back in with his break away companions with about 3 miles to go. Mark Cavendish just barely edged out Tom Boonen for the win with Levi still keeping the gold shirt. I have a hunch Lance is going to have a good ITT on Friday to move up into the top 3.

Slan for now


ds said...

I had the Conway's for the first time last week. Good stuff.


Rick said...

That beer has always been a favourite of mine.
I'll bring back a Kona Brewing Co. Longboard Island Lager for you. I think you'd like it.
I think I'll be back in the fine Ohio weather next weekend....ugh.
Take Care,

Bill said...

Thanks Rick, and see ya soon.