Very cool

I hope Lance does well. Ya gotta admit wheather you luv him or hate him, it's going to be pretty exciting to see how he does this year and it sure is good for the sport.


Jim said...

I have to respectfully disagree. IMO, the only good thing about the comeback is the amount of TV time we will gain. Otherwise, speaking only for myself, I wish he would go away and stay away. I am so tired of Lance stories already.

Bill said...

Sure, I can appreciate that, and I'm sure that there are alot of people that feel the way you do. I do believe though that he might possibly bring back a positive to a sport that is loaded with negatives as of late, and his cause is a good one.

You should stage a comeback Jim, I would bet you could get alot of media time too :-)


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

I was the gal in the crowd with the "Marry me Lance" sign. You think I'm moving too fast on this one?

If suspicion alone were enough to convict a person, every rider would be banned. Every single one.

I say, Viva le Lance!