Status Quo

is the name of the game right now. Swim practice Tuesday and Thursday, bike workouts on the trainer and running 3 days per week, not too bad, I've been feeling pretty decent lately, a little tired but the training has been going well considering it's been so damned cold out. I'm ready to get outside more that's for sure. We're considering an early season triathlon this year, maybe in May. Either in Tennessee or Florida, kinda still in the thinking about it stage, but we're going to make a decision pretty soon, like as soon as my cousin gets back from Florida....
TLE meeting Monday at Bike Authority. A meet and greet get together for all the new members we have this year, I'm looking forward to it.

See you all later.


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Is that you or Michael Phelps?

Bill said...

That is me, but when I was training with flippers on the other night I thought I was Michael Phelps.

On one set we swam 25 meters underwater (pool length) then swam 25 meters back breathing bilaterally, so we did 6X50's on 1:15, thee last couple underwater sets were very tough.