Balmy weather

was key today in allowing us to get out for a run and not totally freeze to death like when I went out the other day. I was scheduled for a 2 hour group ride today so I called as many of my closest bike riding friends as I could think of and asked if anyone would be interested in riding outside for 2 hours. The most common response I got was a click on the other end of the line, so since none of my wimpy bike riding buds wanted to go out, I buckled to peer pressure and didn't got out either.

Just kidding on calling as many guys as I could but I did call 1. Tony and I managed to get out for a nice 5k run followed by a 1 hour trainer workout on the TT bikes today though. I believe the temps. had warmed up to nearly 10* by the time we ventured out to run and that was at 11:30 this morning. Actually it wasn't bad at all, seriously. We could have gone longer, but Tony said he was hungry, or was it that his feet were cold, no, I think he said he had to go to a b-day party later in the day and didn't want to get to tired out, anyway we just ran for 23 minutes, but it was good.

Good workout today. Jammed to some old ELO and The Eagles while on the trainer which made the hour go by pretty quickly and we'll get some pool time in tomorrow and finish it off with a run on the treadmill. Life is good.

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