Team meeting

last night at Bike Authority. Lots of teammates showed up to meet our new members and we went over a tentative 2009 race schedule, team tactics training and lots of interaction between friends, it was a good 2 hour meeting.

Kyle and Luke gave me 6 presents for doing some frame repair on their moutain bikes, it wasn't necessary, but very much appreciated, Thanks guys. This is some good stuff. It's a golden colored Belgian Ale that I have never had before but will look for to buy. It is a nice full bodied beer with a sweeter taste and most of all has a great aftertaste. Not only do the Belgians turn out some great bike racers, they turn out some great beers as well. I highly recommend this one.

We're all looking forward to some nicer weather, as I'm sure everyone is, so we can get out and do some team training. We're in for another winter storm tonight and tomorrow, so it doesn't look like we're going to be outside anytime soon. We did a good trainer workout this afternoon at least.

Not much more to report on, so I'll catch everyone soon.


Anonymous said...

it was decided by a couple of us newbies that you know you have made it into the inner sanctum when you can find the beer stash at team meetings...one has to have dreams ya know...one day...one day...:-)

Anonymous said...

no worries man...but it still is a long range goal to get inside the circle of trust...:-)
Good meeting...good vibe...thanks.

Peace, and don't spend too much time on that trainer...life is too short, go for a run instead...get in some strength training...get in the pool an extra day...man does not live by the trainer alone...

DaisyDuc said...

Good to finally meet ya at the meeting!

Yes, I am really looking forward to some outdoor rides as well!

Anonymous said...

the new guy brings beer...good call, and good thing there are so many new guys...:-)