Nothing much

to really report on lately except that I'm getting pretty close with my trainer, actually much closer than I would like to, (my stationary bike trainer that is, for all you sickos out there) Just finished listening to ole Dick Goddard sayin that some places might see another foot or more of snow in within the next couple of days and more extreme cold, but thats nothing new either.

Went to the triathlon team meeting last night at Bike Authority with Tony and my cousin Scott and got all signed up, ate some pizza and drank coffee with my TLE mates and B.A buds. We were a little late getting there for the 6:00 pm meeting due to the traffic snarls though. What normally takes about :45 minutes to get to the shop from my house, took 2 hours last night. I left at 4:45 and got to the shop at 6:45, it was insane, and the roads weren't even that bad.

We're getting all the Lake Effect Hincapie clothing orders in now for the 09 season. With all of our new teammates this year we're going to have a pretty big order going on. We're basically going with the same design as we had last year with the exception of a couple co- sponsors and the addition of a few new ones.

Hope everyone is doing well and see everyone soon.

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