Lotsa coffee

and snowplowing. That seems to be taking up quite a bit of my time lately, not that I mind the coffee, but the snowplowing is becoming a pain in my ...

Masters swim every Tuesday and Thursday and trainer workouts have become the norm, along with waking up very early in the morning. We're going to get a nice run in today though on the Greenway Corridor. That's a section of old B&O Railroad that the Lake Metroparks bought and converted to an 8 mile out and back from Painesville into Concord Twp. It's a nice rolling paved path perfect for running on when the streets are snowy and dangerous.

Weather wise it looks like more of the same for this week. I just might miss out on some of the plowing fun though because this is my last week for jury duty and their supposed to have 2 cases scheduled.....I don't know which is worse though, sitting in the truck for 10 hours or sitting in the courtroom.....

Have fun on the trainer!

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