Masters swim

classes started up again last night for 2009. I haven't swam since my last triathlon which was September 6th. at Presque Isle, so 4 months without swimming a stroke. Not bad because I was racing cyclocross for those months, bad, because I started back into a full blown, almost 2,000 meter, 1 hour plus swim workout, ouch.

When the instructor walked in I asked him if he could possibly take it easy on us since it was our first workout of the season...he just smiled and said forget about it. After our first 400 meter build set I was cooked. I wanted to get out of the pool and grab one of those nice pool side chairs maybe hang out with my buddy Sam Adams and watch everyone else flounder around, but I managed to finish, very tired with some sore shoulders, it can only get easier from here is what I keep telling myself.

Along with the swim workout I got a 5.7 mile run in yesterday too after I got home from Jury Duty. I had to do something. I was sitting in the courtroom for over 4 hrs. and I didn't even to get to see any action. The parties settled the dispute without even entering the courtroom. Good, because I got to come home and run, bad, because I wanted to see some action, if I would have possibly been one of the chosen 8 to be a juror. We didn't even get a chance to pick 8 real time jurors. Oh well, I have one more week of J.D. and the Judge said that next week there are 2 Civil cases scheduled, so maybe I can get a groove on in the jury box. Who knows, maybe Matt Weeks will be one of the attorneys.

Oh Ya

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