Hamburgers and grilled cheese

at least that's the way Robert's knee looks right now....No just jokin, that's what they ate for lunch today after riding for 2:10. Very good training ride today through the frozen nursery roads, Perry Outdoor YMCA and the road. We opted out of the group ride from Brecksville today since Robert was staying the weekend and we did a little ride of our own way out here on the East Side. Everyone had a good ride today and did very well, although Robert hit an icy patch on one of the nursery roads toward the end and went down and scraped his knee up a little, but he's up and walking and said that he doesn't need crutches...... He did manage to contest a sprint to the mailbox at the end though, but did not catch us off guard this time........:-)
Nice ride guys.

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Shawn Adams said...

good ride today in breaks, slightly less turn out to day (5)