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today. After we dropped Robert off at Rudy and Julie's, Nick, Tony and I stopped in Bike Authority for a couple of bike fit's. Bike Authority is now using Spinscan and Dartfish, which both are used in conjunction with each other to dial everything in to near perfection. Dartfish is the method for which the angles are measured. Sean videoed each of us from the front, side and rear to watch the hip motion, knee angle, back angle, shoulders, etc. all very scientific and technical. After the video taping was done we hooked the bikes up to the computrainer and did a Spinscan test which is a test of your pedal stroke fluidity and where you need to improve, and oh yes, everyone can improve their pedal stroke that has not had these tests, I guarantee it.

After the tests, Sean made a few adjustments on my seat post height and the position of the cleats on my shoes. We then re-tested and found out that my hips were no longer rocking and my knees were in total alignment with my shoulders and hips, all I thought before the test were smack on since I was not riding with any pain and I was able to crank out some pretty good watts and I thought my hips were rock solid, I was really wrong!

After the adjustments were made I rode for a while and immediately noticed a difference and could visually see the difference on the Spinscan screen on the computrainer. Sean told me some things that I need to work on to make my pedal stroke even smoother and to be able to get even more power out of it, all of which I intend to do and that are very simple things that make a difference, but really don't know to do unless tested. I highly recommend these tests for anyone wanting to get stronger and faster on their bikes. Many thanks go out to Sherman and Sean, you guys are great!

Here is a pre and post Dartfish angle test. The proper angle is supposed to be 144 deg., my initial angle was 151.5 deg. Quite a bit off for not noticing in my riding!
Later all.

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Dad S said...

Interesting. Probably be really noticable as you get nearer the end of the race and you need to keep the performance level up there. Funny - back some years ago as I was having some leg pain, the doctor zeroed right in on foot and knee alignment when on the bike. Made a difference. Too bad I didn't have the advantage of a knowledgeable trainer and the neat technical advances. Probably still be be out "boogying." LOL