Sangbagger central

Talk about sandbaggin'. Tony and I were the victims of a serious case of baggin' this afternoon on our training run. Robert, Tony and I did a 32 minute road nursery road, rr track run, and Robert said that the longest he has ran this winter so far was 20 minutes.....He was running very good though toward the last 10 minutes of our run which made me think this kid was baggin'. Well, we were just about finished and were rounding the corner when Robert saw our house at the end of the street and took off, leaving both Tony and I in the salt dust. We didn't even try to catch him, I was afraid I was going to pull a hamstring and Tony said I can't even run that fast to try to catch him. So we watched from behind as Robert A.K.A "the bagger" threw his hands in the air as if he was winning a major cyclocross race and turned around and was laughing at both of us, I thought I even heard the word "suckers" in there somewhere...............That's okay Robert, wait til tomorrow.


Jim said...

That's okay, he really called you "tea-bagger". No idea what he meant.

Bill said...

You are referring to the fact that I do love a good cup of tea, aren't you Jim.......?

Dad S said...

Slicked Again!