Bike Authority / Fleet Feet

have teamed up to form a multi-sport team. Very early stages right now but much more new's to come. From the looks of it so far the team will have some strong triathlete's and duathletes to form an awesome team.

Training has been fun lately. Nothing structured at this point, but we have been running quite a bit, we got a couple nice longer trail runs in and a road run along with 75 miles in on the bike last week. Also, Tony and Nick bought one of those Iron Gym pull up bar's that you hang in the door and do pull up's, chin up's and can do push ups, dips's etc. on, you have probably seen them advertised on T.V. Lemme tell ya, that thing will make you hurt. We've all been competing to see who can do the most of the exercises. After the first day our arms and back were pretty sore. It will be good for the swimming stroke too. We won't have to spend that much time in the weight room this winter with that thing hangin' in the door jamb.

Weather pending, we're planning a New Year's Day ride leaving from Mentor. We'll probably ride the cross bikes nd mountain bikes and do some loops at Chapin and other trails that we come across, along with road too. It's not going to be a race, just a fun ride, anyone interested lemme know.


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lunasphere said...

just heard about the FF/BA team today...good news, and was wondering if the Maruts might make an appearance...good to hear from you, and Happy Holidays...