CX Sunday

@ Broadview Heights. First I'd like to congratulate everyone that raced, this was one hard race due to the conditions, but, cyclocross in every sense.

Mud, Beer, Coffee, cowbells and bike racing, you gotta love it. As frustrating as this sport sometimes can be and is, due to many factors, a good race can change your whole prespective and everyone know's the frustrations that I am talking about.

Those frustrations went away today for Tony especially. Our A-A Masters race which consisted of 31 racers went off at 1:45 and Tony was soon in a break of 5 with Gerry, Ernie, Brent and Zak, all of them heavy hitters. They had gapped the field fairly quickly and all were working well. With about 2 laps to go Tony flatted and rode nearly a whole lap on the flat. He came around to the pits, changed bikes and Ernie had passed him and Tony just couldn't close the gap. At the end Tony finished 3rd. overall and 2nd. A, by far his best finish ever! Nice racing Tony, too bad about the flat. Tony said his legs were feeling great today but the conditions were not to his liking. I say he should race in this stuff all the time!

I felt pretty decent myself and have to say that I raced to the best of my ability. I was duking it out with Quinlan and the guy with the dreds for a while, Dave S. and I were going back and forth early in the race also. Ray passed me around mid race and I just tried to keep him in my sights, that probably motivated me to keep a steady pace, (By the way Ray, you were 11th. overall and I was 12th). Nice job on the SS.
I saw Ross Clark catching me so I tried to keep the pressure on. He eventually caught me in the far soccer field and latched on to my wheel through the soccer field, the asphalt and gravel section to the switchbacks, the far East end of the course along the soccer field and then passed me near the concession stand. I jumped on it in the mud section and caught his wheel when he was going by and we were now starting the descent down the gravel hill. I backed off a bit going down and thought I would make it up on the climb, since I was climbing strong. Just on the other side of the bridge he slid out and crashed hard. I had to dismout and jump over him (ya, a barrier) Sorry about your crash Ross, I hope your achilles is okay! I re-mounted and jumped hard at the base of the hill and was totally redlined at the top, literally seeing stars riding through the parking lot section. I ended up finishing 12th. overall and 3rd. Master. Good day.

Despite the conditions we had a great turn-out (90 racers). Everyone had a good time and raced strong, hopefully everyone stayed warm by the fire and went home happy. Thanks for coming out everyone and thanks to you Sherman for the pizza at the shop afterwards.

Next up is the Ohio Sate Champs. this weekend.

Nice job everyone.


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Nice job guys! Thanks to Lynn and Nick for their enormous efforts to make the races work!

Got any more photos? I like the mud bath theme...


Ray Huang said...

A Great day for Team Marut for sure!! Bill you really rode a strong race.

Congrats and see you at the State Champs!!
riding that mud puddle was like riding in setting concree, not that I know what thats like thank goodness.

Dad S said...

Hey, one good thing - with all that mud on you, you guys should have skin like a baby's butt!

Seriously, when you can get that many dedicated racers to come out and compete under those conditions, it says great things about the sport and you're all winners in my book.

Good luck to all at the State Champs!

Dad S.

Rick said...

Great job Marut clan!

Uh, Bill...send me your e-mail addy...I gotta steal/buy some of dat heat rub! I'll be in FL during States so best of luck you guys!

samlikesbikes said...

Nice finish Tony! Bummer about the flat.