Another beer review

This time it's not about the Christmassy type of brew with flowers and cinnamon and spices and all the other ingredients that try to make you get into the Christmas groove, this is some good ole dark lager brewed and bottled in the Eastern Bloc country of the Czech Republic. It's called what else but "Brou Czech" and I must say that it is VERY good. Brou Czech is a traditional dark lager handmade the same way since 1872 using an origional 3 step method, (whatever that method is I don't know). It's reddish brown in color and it's rich hoppy and malty aroma leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. I could sit down and enjoy at least 3 of these in a row. Very nice beer.

Thanks goes out to Amanda Hassner for the beer. Amanda always gives Rene and Lynn very thoughtful gifts each cyclocross season. Technically these are Lynn's, but she said that it would be alright if I sampled one of them, after all, they are in MY refrigerator.

Cheers from the Czech Republic.


Rick said...

dude, you are "spot on" with this one!

I think I've had this one at the Sokol Village Fish Fry.....that's where we are trying to get the City to work a deal with the Velodrome for a location...but I digress.

(that means "bye" in Italian)

Jim said...

Wouldn't that be "our" refrigerator?
Ask Lynn and find out for sure.

Bill said...

LOL, you are good Jim, I especially like the part where you said "ask Lynn and find out for sure" That was funny...

Rick, is that near Sokolowski's University Inn in the near West Side?

Do Widzenia
(goodbye in Polish)

Rick said...

Bill, that would be right off I77 off Pershing Rd Exit...the Old St. Michaels Hospital I think....saw a real gator here yesterday....

Buh, bye.....thats how the airline flight chix say it...

Good Luck tomorrow.