GLB Christmas Ale

I have to say that I'm not really that much of a beer connoisseur but I do however like a few different micro brews, Willoughby Brewing Company especially has an awesome Razz Ale, but I'm mostly a domestic type of beer drinker.
I have been hearing alot about the Great Lake's Brewing Company's Christmas Ale lately, so I thought I would go down to the local IGA where they stock just about every kind of beer know to man and get me a sixer of this supposedly outstanding ale.

I found it sitting nicely in the beer cooler in the back of the store, where Nick spends alot of his working time by the way with a hefty price tag of $10.99 a six pack! Yikes for this amount of money this stuff had better be better than good....

I had a hard time controlling myself on the drive home and really wanted to crack one open and even had one in my hand, but GLB did a wise thing and installed the kind of caps that require a bottle opener.

I finally arrived home 2 miles later and hoped that this $10.99 pack of golden goodness hadn't started to get warm, I didn't even turn on the heater in the truck for this very reason. I finally found my Pedro's bottle opener, opened this bad boy up, took a big long slug off of the icy bottle, swirled it around inside of my mouth like someone that knows a thing or two about beer drinking and then swallowed it.
My initial reaction was, WOW, this stuff sucks! Okay let's try it again. Big long slug off the bottle, swirl, swallow.......wait for a second to let my brain register....Yup, I was right the first time, This stuff sucks big time! Bad aftertaste and VERY BITTER. Maybe it's all the spices and fruits they put in, I don't know.

I don't know what all the hoopla is about this beer, I guess I'm just not refined enough to appreciate it. I did manage to gag one bottle down though. The next day I opened the second bottle and I could only manage to choke half of it down. I then gave the rest to the drain deep inside my sink basin. I still have 4 bottles left, which I will gladly bring with me to the Broadview Heights cross race on Sunday and whoever would like them is more than welcomed to take them.

Anybody have a Coors Lite?


Ray Huang said...

I bet cyclists make up 90% of their sales for this wondrous brew. I have a 6 (5) pack in the fridge right now.

Jim said...

See what happens when you step outside your comfort zone? Sometimes we think we have to like something just because someone else likes it. I will bet that doesn't happen again.
Wanna Pabst?

Bill said...

LOL, ya Jim, I'll be over.

Ray, I guess this brew must require an acquired taste......

Later guys.

Mike said...

I love different beer. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the GLB Christmas Ale SUCKS!

lunasphere said...

Bill - I will step up to the plate and be glad to take em off your hands...see ya later.

Rick said...

different strokes for different folks, huh, Bill?
Too funny...beer would be good, but...

What I really want/need from you today is some of that wonderful heat rub of yours.