Lookin' forward

to racing again tomorrow. Hopefully we can race flat free too, we'll see, at this point I'm not ruling anything out. Hopefully there will be a good turnout for this race. We had a pretty good training week even though it rained quite a bit. I was pretty tired earlier in the week and don't know why, old age maybe? Nah, stayin up late watching all the political shows on t.v prior to the veep debate. Went over my bike and swapped out my rear brakes, they were lookin' a little thin. Jeff Craft and I rode at the outdoor Y on Thursday and I noticed my brakes weren't hookin up real good in the wet conditions, besides, Dr. John looked at em last Sunday and asked if they actually do work, I said yea, I just have to toe em in a little more.........

After the race tomorrow there is a nice little place real close to go and get a bite to eat before the trip home. I know when you get home after a race no-one really wants to start preparing stuff to eat, this place will do the trick, lotsa beers there too!

See ya tomorrow.

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Derek said...

I'm in for some good food and a beer. Do we have to wait until after the race?