Wendy Park

Great Team help on this race. Thanks to everyone that came out and donated time and effort over the weekend, it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Now with the race.............Not much to say. I felt good, was racing good but had 2 flats and that ended my day. Tony had 3 flats! Total of 5 flats between us, not what you would call a very good day. I know that's racing and that happens, but 5 flats! Oh well, it's not like this is the only cross race this year.

120 or so racers on Sunday, our biggest ever. Thanks to all that came out and raced, bought T-Shirts and continue to support our series, we all hope you liked the new venue and the course design.

Later all


Rick said...

great job on the course and bummer on Tony & your bad luck.
Do you guys have those shirts in orange & blue?

Mike said...

Bummer on the flats. I guess that cross racing. Sounds like you had a great turnout. Look forward to seeing you at an upcoming race


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Hey Maruts'

I've got some photos on Flickr - they came out sort of washed out due to the clouds, and then sun! A couple of good ones - including one of Bill and one of Tony. Check them out!

irunmarathon said...

Hey Bill. The Lake Effect crew did a great job with the cross race. Everyone that attended seemed to really enjoy it, I will definately get out there to help out as much as I can. Also I've got a blog now, I thought the thing I have started called the 100,000 mile challenge may interest you. Check it out. Chris


Totonka said...

I have some photos from the Wendy Park Race. You can see them here: