about sum's it up for my race. I wouldn't normally have raced the A race, but since there wasn't a Masters race I knew I was in for some hurtin', and hurt it did.
The first few laps I was pretty much at my limit. The legs weren't what you would call "there" either, so I thought I would try to get as much out of them as I could early and maybe establish some type of gap that I would be able to maintain before they totally gave out on me. It really wasn't meant to be though. Each 2 laps it seemed I gave up a couple positions. I was fine in the technical sections, but the grass sections really put me in the hurt bag, not to mention the ditch crossing. I'm still not certain if it would have been easier to run the ditch and remount? I rode all the crossing except the last 2 every time.

I think where I really burnt my 1 and only match so to speak was where Derek, John E. me and a Spin rider were at the far end of the course where the grassy mud section was just before the sharp right hander to the outside of the fence. I told John, who was in front of me at that time, we have to make a move around the Spin rider, I don't think he heard me, so I attacked and got the position to head to the outside of the fence first. Once on the outside I attacked again to try to get a gap and get through the ditch section and gain more time. Through the ditches and into the grassy areas and I knew I should have probably not have done that, oh well, I had to try. My legs were really feeling it and I was really gassed. I think I held the gap for maybe 2 laps when I knew it was just a matter of time before I would try to latch onto a wheel when someone would go by. John and Dave got by and I could't hold their pace. Ryan went by and I was able to stay with him to the finish.
I saw Paul coming up strong and really was hoping that we could hold him off so we could finish with 9 laps, but he and Ernie were battling it out for 1,2 and he had the hammer down. Paul ended up passing Ryan and me right near the bleachers only a few hundred feet from the start finish. Ryan and I finished 12th. 13th. both with the same finishing time, but with 8 laps.

Tony had an exceptional race. He rode strong the whole time and he and Rudy were together for most of the race when Rudy pulled away from him with 2 to go. Tony said he lost Rudy on top of the mound section when he bobbled and Rudy pulled away and Tony wasn't able to reel him back in. He said his legs felt great and was riding back and forth for 5th. and 6th. the whole race. At the end he finished 6th. in a very strong field. Nice not to have a mechanical or a flat huh Tony?

We had a great team showing too, a total of 16 team mates raced with some very nice finishes. Robert won the C race, Julie won the Womens race, Shawn was 3rd. in the A, Matt, Rudy and Tony were 4,5,6. NICE JOB! Hat's off to everyone on this race, it was technical and hard, no doubt about it.

Great job goes out to Kevin Kimmich for putting this race on, Thank You!

This weekend promises to be more hurtin' for certain again too, I'm sure, lookin' forward to it though and lookin' forward to racing better!

Thanks for reading.

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