Presque Isle

Triathlon this Saturday. This will be the last tri this year because we're really itchin' to get some more cross practice in and it's cross season for cripes sake, not triathlon season anymore! We figured it out that we'll have 15+ cross races on the calendar this Fall. Starting with a Spin race or two before the Michigan Double Cross on the 20th. and 21st. of this month, that's quite a bit of racing coming up in the next 3 1/2 months. I wanted to go last night but it wasn't in the plan with the tri this weekend, seemed pretty hot for a cross race last night though, wasn't it?

I haven't been in the water since the Greater Cleveland Tri, so I'm not really expecting very much from this race, just some good fast work. The weathermen and women are calling for rain on Saturday which suits me fine, I love swimming and running in the rain, not real excited about racing my bike in the rain, but at least it's not a crit.

Anyway, to get in the spirit of cross season and to go along with the other bloggers out here I posted a nice picture of my trusty Cannondale Optimo CAAD 9 Cross rig for my background, Fine Lookin' bike she is!

Gotta go.

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Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

The first Euphoria Cross race was hot - but not bad. The very rocky construction road they used was much more dangerous. The most flats I've ever seen. I got 2 myself. Ernie got a couple too. It had both technical sections and very fast road sections. The 4 laps I got to do were a lot of fun.