Great ride

today. Perfect weather and a good day for a longer endurance ride. We finished the ride today with 58 miles in 2:50. We all took good pulls and felt good the whole ride. I sure do wish we could have raced in Greenford yesterday though, sounds like a bunch of good races, congratulations to you all and Nice job on the win's Rudy and Ray!

We seem to have a visitor that keeps hanging around the house lately, I think that's why I haven't seen any chipmunks too. We had a couple that were living under our shed in the back and now I don't see em' anymore, I think this guy' the reason why. When he isn't chasing chipmunks around he likes baked ham and American cheese slices, no milk though, strange! If he keeps hangin' out over here we'll have to come up with some sort of a name for him.

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Ray Huang said...

Thank you!! I can have Audrey give you a few choice names if youd like for the cat!! Boy or girl cat? Shes our official pet/bug/fish/doll, everything namer!! haha!!