Last Triathlon

of the season today at Presque Isle. It was pretty blustery with the winds out of the Northeast which made for the worst non-cancellation swim of the year. I'm actually glad they didn't cancel the swim even though there were 3-4 footers rollin' in. Once you swam a little way out of the surf it really wasn't all that bad. It was bad I guess if you breathe to the side that the waves were coming at you, which was to the right. That's why it always pays to practice bi-lateral breathing!
It rained on and off for most of the race, which is fine because I LOVE to run in the rain and it kept things cool. The race length was a .35 swim / 13.5 bike / 3.5 run.

I'm very happy with my race today, but I honestly wasn't expecting very much from it, just some good fast work to get ready for cross. I was strong on the bike, (1st. a.g, 4th. o.a) 26.7 mph. and felt good on the run (6:20's) to finish 7th. overall and 2nd. in my age group in the open tri division which had 277 racers. There were another 72 racers in the Team competition.

Tony had a good race but was a little disapointed. He wasn't able to get out on the bike very much this past week and had a very light week of training but a heavy week of studying and a few days of work. He said the legs were not responding the way he would have liked. I say he did pretty good though with a 15th. overall finish and 1st. in his 16-19 age group! Tony and Doug Sedivy battled it out with Doug besting Tony by 10 seconds, nice job you guys. Doug was 3rd. in the 45-49 age group and was running on a sore knee today to take 14th. overall.

Brian Stern won our age group and was 5th overall. Brian and I had 33 in our age group. Once again Kevin Park was the Overall winner. Kevin has had a great season this year and seems to be getting stronger. Nice work Kevin.

Next season I will advance to the 45-49 age group....I don't know if that's good or bad, kind of bittersweet I guess. I do know that I won't have to contend with Brian and Kevin anymore as far as age groups go and have to settle for 3rd.s all the time. I just might have a chance to get a few age group win's next year if I'm lucky.....

Good Luck to those racing at Camp Manatoc and the Presque Isle TT tomorrow.


triguyjt said...

great racing as usual..
thought of presque isle..
did portage instead...super large turnout..over 800 for all sunday segments... little congested

Bill said...

thanks John,

wow, 800 is a large field. how'd it go for you?