Valley City

tomorrow. I feel cooked too, hopefully I'll have some legs for the Masters 35+ race. It's supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year too, Nice! but I say that in a sarcastic kind of way...... Probably the last road race of the season for me. Maybe a couple more Westlake's, I don't know. The Spin weekly cross series will be starting up and we're gearing for cross anyway so maybe we'll just concentrate on that. There's plenty of cross racing to do in the next 4 months that's for sure and we're definately looking forward to it!

We do have 1 more triathlon though which is Presque Isle on Sept. 6th. That's a good race and always a nice venue. We ended up doing 6 multi-sport races this summer. Every one that was on our race calendar we were able to do and that doesn't usually happen here for a multitude of reasons. It came together this year though and turned out to be a good season with some pretty decent results.

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow at Valley City.

See ya tomorrow.


cyclonecross said...

I just found out that although the cash awards are broken up in 10yr increments, there will be age group medals to the top 3 in every 5yr age group. (you better bring home some hardware)

You hear about the Elves & More RR on 8/30?

Bill said...


I did hear about it. I have a work commitment that whole weekend, so racing for me is out. Tony might make it down there though.