Pretty quiet

lately. Not much to post. We're getting ready for Valley City. Tony's racing the I,II,III race and I'm doing the Masters race since it's the Ohio Masters Championships. Had a couple hard workouts the last 2 nights to prepare so we'll see how it goes.

Olympic track and field and triathlon has been exciting. Usain Bolt from Jamaica, I've never seen a person run like that in my life, and did anyone see the mens 10,000 meter (10k) race? amazing! I know that Michael Phelps guy is pretty good too :-)

Actually I'm going to watch right now.

Later all

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Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

On Friday, Sheila Torima (of triathlon and swimming fame) from Michigan will compete in Modern Pentahlon. Friday is also women's MTB and Saturday is Men's MTB. I'm going to miss all of these sports on regular TV when we are forced to watch golf and NASCAR.