Snake Bite did a great job organizing this race the whole way through, nice job to all the volunteers and staff, Thank You!

Tony raced in the I,II,III race and said it was pure suffering. He said that it was the hardest road race he ever did. His legs started to cramp towards the end and he said the last lap was really lit up. After the race he collapsed in the van and just laid there for quite a while to recover. Nice job hanging in there though, he never lost contact with the group.

I raced the 35-44 group and was the old man in the group at 44. Tris and Eric Lesko went very early on the first lap and were never seen again til the finish. Our group was pretty spirited though with many attacks and chases. I was in many of them myself with Chris out front quite a bit as well. All was going pretty decent until the first climb on the last lap after the sharp right hander on the last set of rollers, when the inside of my left quad cramped pretty bad. We crested the climb and I almost let the group get away from me trying to work out the cramp. The group started down the downhill and I caught back on on the flat and was okay up the next hill. Once we hit the parking lot of the school I cramped again. Down the hill and around the sharp right and through the chicane and I felt fine again. I'm sitting in the middle of the group, thinking if I can just get to the top of the final climb I'll be allright, I'll sprint it out for a field sprint. Up the final climb and everyone is going so hard, I jumped out of the saddle and the inside of my leg knotted up so tight I got to the top and had to just spin the rest of the way in! I still managed to finish in the field with the same time as the field sprint. I hydrated well during the race and took 2 gels, I don't know what the problem was and my leg is still sore as I'm sitting here writing this. 48 miles, very hot, windy and humid conditions, felt good the whole race until the last couple of miles! Like we say about all the Cleveland sports teams, "There's always next year"

Nice racing with everyone in the 35-44 group. Congratulations to you Phil for a nice move at the end to nab 3rd.



Anonymous said...

Bill - if you are cramping try some of the Hammer Endurolytes...I think they sell them at BA...or you can get them online at www.hammernutrition.com...if you do the online gig i can save you 15% on whatever you get...this is Nate by the way...and give them customer # 29687...or you can go to my blog www.endrualife.blogspot.com and there is a link that will save you money as well...you don't need to publish this comment to the site...take care and have a good weekend.

Bill said...


Thanks, the posts automatically publically post, I don't have the secret switch in the off position.

I have a whole bottle of Enduralytes that I got at the shop but didn't even think of using them. Others have told me the same thing as you and I have used them in the past and they worked, I think or I just didn't cramp for whatever reason that particular day.

I tried your blog but i couldn't get in.

Thanks again and see you at the cross races.