ride for me today after work. Not a real productive ride just one to kind of clean the legs out a little from Saturday at RATL since I didn't get out on the bike yesterday.
Did 43 miles and felt a little better than I did over the weekend but I think I'm going to skip the World's tomorrow even though it's supposed to be the nicest day of the week. It's hard to race effectively when the chest is all loogie'd up and hard to catch your breath, you all know that you have to have your game on at Westlake and if you don't you soon become a spectator. Gas is far too expensive nowadays to only do a few laps and then get popped off the back and cruise in the parking lot solo and watch from the front seat of the car!. Next week (5/20) is the Zipp Demo night and Tony's jonesin' to get some 404's on his bike so we'll be there for that.

Baseball is winding down for Nick so I'm going to be ramping up the training a little more now that we won't have games 10 times a week....Spring baseball is a fast season but is so totally life consuming as is wrestling in the winter. The schools surely don't care one bit about the parents that ride their bikes and train and race or anything like that, like all we have to do is go to baseball games and wrestling matches, how selfish of them!!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow at Westlake.


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