#4 and series finale. Masters race started out pretty fast with attacks being thrown out when Rudy's finally stuck and no-one followed. He practiced his time trialing for our up coming Lake Effect TT Series for nearly 10 laps and solo'd in for the win. Very nice job to Rudy. From there it was mostly uneventful. Sal took off later on then John Ehrlinger took off on the prime lap and never looked back to solo in for 3rd. Nice job to you John. The avg speed was down from the previous races except on the sprint where I hit 33.5 mph. Most everyone was pretty much content on just sitting in today which was fine with me, I have been sick most of the week and during the race I was really feeling it.

Tony finished in the main group in the I,II,III race and he said that he wasn't feeling the greatest either. He stayed with the group and everyone that was there know's that that race was very fast and hard for that course. After about 5 miles down the road on the way home he was asleep in the van

Nice job to all teammates that raced, everyone did well and a big Thanks to the Summit Freewheelers for hosting these races again and to all the volunteers.

Tuesday is another day!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

way to stick it out!

Ray Huang said...

I love racing with TLE!! When they get in the break you know the rest of the team is working to keep us away and whomever is i the break is working. Go Lake Effect!

Bill said...

Thanks Ray, that's awesome