a little better this week finally. This head and chest cold hasn't really put me down completely, just enough to make you feel like you really don't want to do very much. I had to really push myself to get out this week so far and with it being cold and windy most of the week it's been a struggle. I had a good tri workout today though and feel much better now that I did have a good training day. I've been nursing a sore left calf muscle lately and I haven't been able to really run for about the last 2 weeks. This week I have ran twice (brick runs) and no pain, that makes me happy too. Wow, I don't know what I would do if something seriously would happen to me and I couldn't train or race anymore. My family is ready to commit me now when I'm not able to get out for a few days, although rest is good for you and I should probably do more of it, at least that's what Shawn keeps telling me. Just a training junkie I guess. Sometimes I think I would rather train than race! But what's the sense in all the training if you don't put it to use?

Hoepfully we can get some Team participation for the Bike Authority / Team Lake Effect Time Trials that are tentatively scheduled for June 12th. and 19th. at Allardale Park. Last years race participation was very good and we had some very fast times.
Check our website for upcoming information, www.teamlakeeffect.net

Later all

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